Dressagetrainer Ricardo Reis    

Ricardo began his career as a rider at the age of four on the stud farm of his grandfather and had the great privilege to ride from the age of six on for some of Portugals greatest masters from whom he received his training. Ricardo speaks English, French and Spanish fluently and his professional work focuses on these areas:

  • The training of horses from the very beginning up to Grand Prix

  • Classical training

  • The sale of first class horses from Spain and Portugal through his wide personal contacts with top breeders in both countries.

  • The sale of high quality Warmbloods around Europe.

  • The training of riders – professional as well as amateurs – in many countries of Europe as well as in North America. 


"Teach your horse how to use his body correctly and work through his back with roundness for his health and sustainability. This is done by correct training, not by force or through tricks." 

Ricardo Reis

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